Dragsholm Slot Gourmet | Michelin restaurant – Dragsholm Slot
  • Exceptional gourmet food

  • Dragsholm Slot’s gourmet restaurant, Dragsholm Slot Gourmet, is where we work with ambition and innovation to create Nordic gourmet cuisine that is completely up to date. The castle's kitchen is frequently celebrated in Denmark and abroad as one of the most innovative gourmet restaurants in the Nordic region.

  • The castle kitchen was awarded a Michelin star in Michelin Guide Nordic in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Eat produce from Lammefjord while being surrounded by Lammefjord


We want to contribute to the continued development of "Nordic Cuisine", while at the same time bringing a personal and local touch to the Lammefjord terroir. We maintain an honest and natural approach in our kitchen.
The ingredients must taste and look like themselves. Raw, pure and local are the secret of our vegetable and herb-based cuisine. Our ambition is to put Lammefjord on the gastronomic world map, as a Danish terroir where you can really taste the difference.

Our ambitions actually go even further than that; we want to be able to give our guests a cohesive total experience at Dragsholm Slot; contributing to a narrative about a region in Denmark as a piece of cultural and agricultural history, while at the same time developing a modern and local cuisine that is based on the best ingredients in Denmark. Here is a place where our guests can feel nature, the kitchen and the castle come together - outside, in the food and in the restaurant's furnishings. Our guests should have a clear sense that they are eating food from Lammefjord, while being surrounded by Lammefjord.

The restaurant is located in the cellar under whitewashed vaults, with a fire in the fireplace and peeks out into the park behind the metre-thick walls. We can also offer gourmet dinners in a "chambre séparée", either in connection with the restaurant or in one of the castle’s salons.
A dining experience at Dragsholm Slot Gourmet is an all-night experience.
The Time & Place menu consists of a minimum of 15 servings.

Gourmet menu “Time & Place” kr. 1.800

Wine menu for gourmet menu “Time & Place” kr. 1.400


19. Jan. – 13. May: Thursday - Saturday
Week 7 (13.-19. Feb.): Tuesday - Saturday
Week 15 (10.-16. Apr.): Wednesday - Saturday
17. May – 17. June: Wednesday - Saturday
20. June – 2. Sep.: Tuesday - Saturday
7. Sep. – 7. Oct.: Thursday - Saturday
Week 42 (16.-22. Oct.): Tuesday - Saturday
26. Oct. – 21. Dec.: Thursday - Saturday
28.-29. Dec.: Thursday - Friday
31. Dec: New Year's Eve, only for guests staying at the castle.

Table reservation required

Book a table at reception on tel. 5965 3300 or send an email to info@dragsholm-slot.dk

For groups of more than six guests, we offer our gourmet “Banquet" menu in one of the castle’s beautiful salons.