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Dragsholm Slot Park


Dragsholm Slot Park is partially surrounded by the Fruerlunden forest. The park was originally landscaped as a Baroque garden and was in the 1800s partly converted into an English-style parkland.

As part of the re-landscaping, Dragsholm Slot received a number of exotic trees from all over the world, including a field maple (1744), silk oak (1846) lying acacia tree (1876), gingko biloba, Chinese lilac and manna ash – and rumour has it that the beautiful horse chestnut next to the rhododendron garden is Denmark’s largest!

The park and forest are open to visitors. Visitors contribute to the maintenance and development of the natural area by paying DKK 50 for parking (this fee does not apply to paying guests of the castle).

Help us take care of nature


We invest a lot of work in maintaining and developing the park and the forest as cultural heritage and as an experience for visitors. We have re-established old trail systems, placed signs that relate the stories of the trees and buildings, and we have allocated significant funding for maintenance.

To secure these efforts, we kindly ask that guests stay on paths and lawns and always keep dogs on a leash. In addition, please refrain from picking and taking cuttings from the trees, bushes and plants, since cultivated as well as wild plants, berries and fruits from the park are used in the castle kitchens.

Thank you for your kind help!

You can taste the hours of sunshine


The castle grounds are full of experiences. Dragsholm Slot's own vineyard is, for instance, located on south-facing fields overlooking Sejerø Bay. In 2016, the castle planted 320 Pinot Noir vines here, and four years later 100 Solaris vines were added.

Danish wine is flourishing, and we are delighted to be part of this viticultural development!

Commercial tours

Commercial companies (tour operators, travel agencies, etc.) and also groups of more than 20 people on free or commercial visits are asked to make a reservation with us before arrival. This is so that we have a chance to navigate in the number of visitors. Guided tours of the castle grounds incl. forest and park must be done in collaboration with us at the castle. Commercial tours will be charged for the stay based on the number of participants on the tour.

Picnics in the area are not permitted


Since we at Dragsholm Slot run a restaurant business and offer food and drink at Dragsholm Slot Gourmet, Bistro and Madhuset, we kindly ask visitors not to bring food and drink with them to the castle forest, park and grounds.