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Dragsholm Slot Food House

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  • Dragsholm Slot Madhus
  • Dragsholm Slot Madhus

Culinary experiences in heritage settings


Dragsholm Slot Food House is a more informal alternative to the castle’s other eateries and a local meeting spot, where guests and visitors can enjoy a glass of wine and a light meal in magnificent surroundings. The eatery is also a farm store that offers a window to local farm produce from the castle itself and the surrounding area. The eatery is also an incubator for local producers lacking facilities and the knowhow to develop processed food products.

With the opening of Dragsholm Slot Madhus in the heritage Stately Stable (Herskabsstalden) from 1857, a dream has come true. A dream to preserve the unique barns, byres and stables, but equally to lend the castle status as a driving force for the development of agriculture and food production in the area. We look forward to welcoming you as our guest, whether you wish to enjoy an after-work glass of wine, ice cream in the sun, or a meal inspired by the unique terroir of the municipality of Odsherred.

See opening hours at the bottom of the page.

Café and wine bar

Meals and drinks can be enjoyed in the relaxed countryside atmosphere of the castle eatery, while gazing at the amazing open views to the castle moat and surrounding nature.

The wine bar serves Danish and international wines by the glass or per bottle.

Right now the café offers different pieces of "smørrebrød" (open faced sandwiches) prepared from the most delicious ingredients.

Tre Stykker Smørrebrød, Dragsholm Slot Madhus
Dragsholm Slot Madhus

The farm shop

Does the idea of bringing a taste of Odsherred home intrigue you? The castle farm shop lets you discover some of the very best produce the area has to offer. Here, you can purchase artisanal delicacies from our own production and from local producers.

The shop is stocked with Danish and international wines, both in form of wine boxes and individual bottles, and beers as well as a wide range of cookbooks, products from Munkholm, coffee from River, ice cream from Isøre, delicacies from Wally and Whiz, canned fish from Grøndals as well as juice, jam and oil from Sidinge orchard.

Food Lab

Small artisanal food producers are emerging in Odsherred, and we consider it our proud responsibility to contribute to their journey. At our experimental Food Lab, we share our production facilities and special knowhow with local players seeking to develop processed foodstuffs. This way, we support job-creating enterprises, while maintaining the castle’s long-standing tradition of actively contributing to the development and modernisation of agriculture and food production in the local area.

Dragsholm Slot Madhus
Dragsholm Slot Madhus

Practical information



Please note that when making purchases at Madhuset or the castle, the use of the castle carpark is free of charge.

Opening hours

1. November – 31. December:
Friday-Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and 30 and 31 December. All days at 11:00 to 18:00 – except for New Year's Eve, when the kitchen closes at 15:00.

On Christmas Day, Boxing Day and on December 30, we only serve cake and drinks. On 31 December, it is only possible to pick up pre-ordered New Year's catering.


Herskabsstalden (The Gentry Stable) was designed to architecturally mirror the dairy building constructed five years earlier on the opposite side of the castle driveway. The two neo-Gothic buildings flanked the gate to the castle and were centrally located in the complex of farm buildings. The dairy itself was demolished in the 1940s and what remains is the Stately Stable, which historically accommodated the castle’s riding horses and horse-drawn carriages.

Herskabsstalden is currently being transformed with a view to incorporating the building in the operations of the castle, while also developing it as an active asset in the living history of the castle and its surroundings. Just as the castle itself was historically a frontrunner in the development of agriculture in the area – such as with the introduction of agricultural drainage, steam power, profit-sharing with industrious farmers, and the damming of Lammefjorden (to reclaim the inlet from the sea) – then these stately stables are to become active players in the development of agriculture and processed food production in the area.

Facilities will be developed for food processing as well as the sale of local artisanal foodstuffs and regional crafts. The load-bearing structures of the building are also to be restored. The castle driveway gates are to be opened to welcome guests inside. The historic equine stalls for the castle’s riding horses are also to be restored and flexibly adapted to be used by guests. The entire building is to be refurbished in a way that conveys its heritage as well as its modern-day operations. Externally, the building is currently under restoration to recreate its classic exterior and secure the building for the future.

The project "Herskabstalden at Dragsholm Castle. innovation og udvikling" has received support from LAG Midt-Nordvestsjælland and from Realdania.
We are grateful for their generous support.