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Dragsholm Slot Bistro

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Dragsholm Slot Bistro

Simple and informal

At Dragsholm Slot Bistro, we offer Lammefjord vegetables, herbs from the castle’s herb garden and the best meats, fish and shellfish.

Gastronomically, we work ambitiously and innovatively with a local terroir cuisine that is current and based on the changing seasons. We are constantly developing our kitchens, In collaboration with local nature guides, farmers and food experts. Our local focus is supplemented by culinary experiences from the rest of the world, including wines that are ordered specially for the castle’s wine cellar.

Not only Lammefjord, but the entire Odsherred local area is a source of fine quality ingredients. This includes herbs, mushrooms and vegetables that we grow in fields, find in the forest, pick in the herb garden or forage on the beach. These ingredients help us to keep on coming up with new dishes and taste experiences.

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Reinterpreted yet classic as an inspiring narrative

The Bistro offers a simple and informal style of cuisine. We never compromise on the quality of craftsmanship and raw materials. While our gourmet restaurant is a place where we want to surprise and challenge our guests, the Bistro is a place to confirm that “old love never fades”, but with our own interpretation.

Dragsholm Slot Bistro

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If you fancy a little peace and tranquillity, with some first class pampering, a stay in the castle at Dragsholm Slot is the perfect choice.